Integrated Business Systems & Services (IBSS) is the creator of Synapse™, a groundbreaking software technology. Synapse is a complete application development and deployment environment used to create, deploy and manage a wide variety of real-time applications, leveraging RFID, RTLS, wireless, and other technological advances, quickly and efficiently. IBSS utilizes its Synapse technology to build and distribute its family of application products that are optimized to provide solutions for specific industries. Watershed, a Synapse-based Process Management Automation solution, is highly optimized to exploit the power of Synapse in the healthcare, transportation and government industry sectors. You'll also find Synapse-based execution systems deployed across large-scale, international manufacturing operations.

IBSS serves a variety of industry sectors

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IBSS is headquartered in Columbia, South Carolina, with additional executive offices in Richmond, Virginia.

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About Watershed Process Management Automation

Visibility to resources and process Execution support maximizes resource efficiency to achieve a lean operations environment.

IBSS believes you shouldn’t have to implement another software application whenever you introduce a new RFID/RTLS technology into your organization. We believe when it comes to RFID/RTLS technologies there is no "one-size fits all" -- you may need to use multiple technologies to track assets, personnel and patients in a hospital environment. Watershed provides a single, unified RFID/RTLS application framework that lets you choose the right technology for the right application. Watershed lets you implement multiple technologies -- passive RFID tags where required as well as active RTLS, IR, Ultra-Sonic or WiFi tags where appropriate.

Multiple technologies, plus visibility, plus execution equals ROI
Multiple technologies, plus visibility, plus execution equals ROI

Watershed helps you manage and improve work-flows by automating ordering and dispatch of services and equipment transport.

Watershed gives you real-time visibility to the location and status of personnel and assets, with a rich set of configurable, event-based alerts and notifications.